Industry-University-Research collaboration and synergistic innovation

Signed a cooperative agreement for industry-university-research projects with Guangdong University of Technology. The main areas of collaboration include high-precision manufacturing technology, new material application technology, digital factory technology, energy-saving and emission reduction technology, and clean energy production technology.

Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangzhou Hitachi Elevator Co., Ltd., to promote technological research, new product development, standardize production and management, and drive the company to become a leading enterprise in the industry. The collaboration aims to update products timely and develop new products that meet market consumer demands.

CCTV exclusive interview Juyang expand international trade market trip

CCTV’s “Economic Half Hour” in the report “Steady and Far-reaching: China’s Economy from the Frontline” and “Dare to Take Risks and Act Boldly: Chinese Manufacturing Seizes the European Market” focused on the 2022 Foshan Economic and Trade Delegation’s journey to Europe to expand markets and secure orders. The report featured an exclusive interview with Juyang New Energy.


During the 2022 Foshan Economic and Trade Delegation’s trip to Europe, we obtained orders with a total value of 37 million US dollars, which further strengthened our confidence in establishing research and storage centers in Europe