R134a All in One Heat Pump Water Heater- B1 Pro Series

The Deakonet B1 Pro heat pump water heater embodies cutting-edge technology, delivering efficient and reliable hot water solutions for residential and commercial use. Featuring advanced heat pump technology and a high-quality enamel-lined water tank, the B1 Pro ensures optimal performance, durability, and energy efficiency.

  • High Energy Efficiency: COP reaches 3.9
  • Fast Heating
  • Low Noise: 47dB(A)
  • Environmentally Friendly: R134a refrigerant
  • High Water Temperature: Maximum outlet water temperature reaches 75 degrees
  • Low Noise: Equipped with a dual-rotor high-efficiency compressor
  • Long Lifespan: Utilizes an enamel inner tank
  • Flexible Installation Environment: Offers options for side and top air outlet types
  • Easy Installation: Simply connect water pipes



Integrated Design:

The Deakonet B1 pro Series heat pump Combining the functions of the heat pump system and the water tank into one unit, eliminating additional installation steps and space requirements, making installation more convenient.

Energy Efficiency:

Utilizing the heat energy from the air to heat water, they are more energy-efficient than traditional water heaters. The use of heat pump technology can significantly reduce energy consumption and lower energy costs. ( According to UK statistics)

Environmentally Friendly:

They do not require the combustion of fossil fuels, avoiding the emission of greenhouse gases such as
carbon dioxide, making them environmentally friendly. Additionally, using clean energy to heat water helps reduce air pollution.


There are no combustion processes involved, eliminating the risk of gas leaks or fire explosions. Precise water temperature control prevents scalding accidents.


Due to the integration of the heat pump system and the water tank, they have a relatively small volume and footprint, suitable for installation in limited spaces such as apartments, villas, etc.


Manufactured using high-quality materials and technology, they have a long service life, typically lasting over 10 years, reducing the frequency of equipment replacement and maintenance costs.

Core Components

Panasonic Compressor:

The Deakonet B1 Pro heat pump utilizes Panasonic compressors, renowned for their reliability and efficiency. With the advanced technology of Panasonic compressors, the B1 Pro delivers optimal performance, energy savings, and durability for effective heating and cooling solutions in residential and commercial settings.




Enamel Water Tank:

The Deakonet B1 Pro heat pump features a high-quality enamel-lined water tank. This enamel coating ensures long-term corrosion resistance, maintains water purity by inhibiting bacterial growth, and enhances energy efficiency by retaining heat effectively.



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