R32 Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump

DEAKONET EVI (Enhanced Vapor Injection) air source heat pump is an advanced type of air-to-water heat pump used for heating and cooling purposes. It incorporates enhanced vapor injection technology to improve its performance, especially in colder climates.
EVI air source heat pumps are an excellent choice for homeowners or businesses in areas with cold winters who want an energy-efficient and reliable heating and cooling solution. They are often used as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional heating systems that rely on fossil fuels.


Higher Energy Efficiency.

Environmental Friendliness.


Better Heat Exchange Properties.

Scalability and Adaptability.

Improved Comfort and Control.


What is an air source heat pump? 

  1. An air source heat pump (ASHP) is a heating and cooling system that extracts heat from the ambient air and transfers it indoors or outdoors, depending on the desired effect. 
  2. It uses the principles of refrigeration to absorb heat from the outside air and deliver it inside a building for heating water tank and room purposes. 
  3. During hot weather, the process can be reversed to provide cooling by extracting heat from inside and releasing it outside. 
  4. ASHPs are known for their energy efficiency and can be used in residential, commercial and industrial settings. They are considered a renewable and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems.


What is an inverter air source heat pump? 

An inverter air source heat pump is a type of air source heat pump that utilizes inverter technology to control and modulate the compressor’s speed and power output. Traditional air source heat pumps use fixed-speed compressors, which operate at a constant speed, resulting in on-off cycling to meet the desired temperature. Inverter heat pumps, on the other hand, have variable-speed compressors that can adjust their output based on the heating or cooling demand.

Benefits of inverter air source heat pumps include:

  1. Energy efficiency. The Inverter type can increase performance by 30% compared to a normal on/off heat pump.
  2. Enhanced comfort: The ability to modulate the compressor’s speed and power output allows for more precise temperature control, avoiding temperature fluctuations and providing a more consistent and comfortable indoor environment.
  3. Quieter operation: Inverter heat pumps tend to operate more quietly than fixed-speed compressors. The variable-speed operation reduces noise levels, making them a suitable option for noise-sensitive environments
  4. Wide Operating Range: The inverter & EVI (Enhanced Vapor Injection) technology enables the heat pump to operate efficiently even in extremely low outdoor temperatures. This ensures reliable heating performance and comfort in cold climates

Core Components

Panasonic Hybrid Inverter and EVI (Enhanced Vapor Injection) compressor are advanced technologies used in heat pumps for heating and cooling applications.

  • High Energy Efficiency: The Panasonic Hybrid Inverter technology in Deakonet heat pumps allows for precise modulation of the compressor speed and capacity. It adjusts the power consumption based on the required heating or cooling load, resulting in optimal energy efficiency. This leads to reduced energy consumption and lower operating costs.
  • Wide Operating Range: The Hybrid Inverter technology enables heat pumps to operate efficiently across a wide range of outdoor temperatures of -25 to 40℃. It provides stable performance even in extreme weather conditions, ensuring reliable heating or cooling capabilities throughout the year.
  • Quiet Operation: Deakonet A3 Pro series  heat pumps equipped with Panasonic Hybrid Inverter and EVI compressor technologies are designed to operate quietly.  The advanced motor control and smooth compressor operation help minimize noise levels, ensuring a peaceful and comfortable indoor environment.





Plate heat exchangers are devices used to transfer heat between two fluids (liquids or gases) through a series of metal plates with channels. SWEP’s plate heat exchangers are recognized for their efficiency, compact design, and versatility.






DEAKONET heat pump controller with APP control is a modern and convenient way to manage and monitor your heat pump system remotely using a smartphone. Here are some key features and benefits of a heat pump controller with APP control:

– Remote Control: With the accompanying mobile app, you can control your heat pump system from anywhere with an internet connection. This means you can adjust settings, turn the system on or off, and set temperature parameters remotely.

– Scheduling: DEAKONET apps provide scheduling options, allowing you to program your heat pump to operate at specific times and temperatures throughout the day. This is useful for optimizing energy usage and comfort.

– Alerts and Notifications: Receive alerts and notifications on your mobile device if there are issues with your heat pump system, such as malfunctions, maintenance reminders, or temperature fluctuations


– User-Friendly Interface: Heat pump controller apps typically have user-friendly interfaces,

making it easy for homeowners and building managers to navigate and control the system.

– Wi-Fi Connectivity: To use APP control, your heat pump system needs to be connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network. Ensure a stable and reliable internet connection for seamless remote control.

– Security: Choose a heat pump controller app that prioritizes security. Look for features like secure login, encryption, and the ability to set access restrictions to protect your system.

– Updates and Support: Regular app updates and customer support from the manufacturer can ensure that your controller app continues to work smoothly and address any issues or compatibility concerns.

By having APP control for your heat pump system, you can enhance comfort, save energy, and have greater flexibility in managing your heating and cooling needs, all from the convenience of your mobile device

IOT Platform

IoT (Internet of Things) platforms are comprehensive software solutions designed to facilitate the development, management, and deployment of IoT applications and connected heat pumps.

– Device Management: IoT platforms offer tools for managing a heat pump range of IoT devices, including provisioning, configuring, monitoring, and updating firmware remotely. Device management ensures the security, reliability, and scalability of IoT deployments.

– Data Ingestion**: IoT platforms enable the collection of data from connected heat pumps. This data can include sensor readings, operating parameters and other information generated by IoT endpoints.



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