Deakonet P1 Commercial Swimming Pool Heat Pump

DEAKON P1 commercial series pool heat pumps are the most reliable, energy efficient solution to large swimming pool applications. All of our P1 models can quietly and efficiently keep the pool at the perfect temperature, so the pool will always be ready when people wants to swim.


High Efficiency

Deakon P1 series pool heat pumps are closed-cycle systems that can heat or cool your pool water. The P1 model uses advanced corrosion resistant titanium and polymer heat exchanger technology for longer operating life, and a temperature controlled pool helps to maximize your pool investment and at the same time improve your quality of life. At the condition of A20/W28℃, the COP reach to 5.8

Intelligent Defrosting

Intelligent defrost, set defrost parameter according to different regional climate condition, defrosts thoroughly.


Wide Working Temp Range

Compared to ordinary above-ground swimming pool heat pumps, Super Mini can maintain more stable and efficient performance at ambient temperatures ranging from -7 ° C to 43 ° C, providing users with a wider range of applications.

Smartphone APP Control

DEAKONET inverter units include a WIFI device inside, Install DEAKONET APP, user can control the unit by his/her phone.



Panasonic Compressor

Specialized compressor for heat pump, operation stable, quiet and efficient

Titanium heat exchanger

Inside the heat exchanger is made up of a pure titanium tube, outside is a PVC plastic shell. titanium tube has strong anti-corrosion, even zero in the sea,difficult to oxide on surface no pollution, non-toxic it is an environmental-friendly technology


High Efficiency Heat Exchanger

The Hydrophilic finned copper tube heat exchanger has very high heat exchange efficiency and defrosting performance.


Silent Designing

Patented large diameter sawtooth axial blade, smoother operation, less vibration, well reduced air turbulence noise.






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