Deakonet DC Inverter Water Source / Ground Source Heat Pump

PWM technology Enabled inverter-driven DEAKONET WDH Series water to water Heat Pump offers the solid technology and energy-saving performance you’ve come to expect from DEAKON. The quiet comfort is definitely a step up in comfort- for your entire family.

Cooling efficiencies up to: 18.5/13EER

Heating efficiencies up to: 6.5COP


High Efficiency

COP up to 6.0, attained EU energy level A+++

DEAKON adopted excellent components as Mitsubishi & Panasonic inverter compressor, SWEP plate exchanger, SANHUA EEV, WILO  inverter water pump, DC fan, etc combine with the superior inverter technology of 180 degrees sine wave PAM control. All these methods DEAKONET are all DEAKON inverter units possess ultra high efficiency.

Variable Output Capacity

The output capacity has directly proportional relationship with the compressor speeds, when the compressor runs faster the capacity is bigger, when the compressor runs slower, opposite, the capacity will be smaller.

The compressor speeds of traditional On/Off heat pumps cannot be changed, its fixed, the capacity also has directly proportional relationship with source/ambient temp, when the ambient temp is lower, the capacity is lower, the On/Off units can not increase the compressor speeds to quicken the mass flow rate of refrigerant, thus, On/off units can not increase the capacity to comp DEAKONET are heating lose in low ambient temp.

High Water Temperature

DEAKONET inverter units can delivery 60℃ hot water in -10℃ source side, only by heat pump . Plus back-up heater, the max outlet water temp can reach to 75℃.

Smartphone APP Control

DEAKONET inverter units include a WIFI device inside, Install DEAKONET APP, user can control the unit by his/her phone.


Dual Rotor Inverter Compressor                                                                                                                                                           

Dual rotor inverter compressor, Low vibration and high efficient, The rotor use rare earth permanent magnetic material, Its efficiency and reliability is much better than magnetized ferrite.


SWEP Plate Heat Exchanger

DEAKON use the world brand heat exchanger SWEP for all of their heat pump models. SWEP plate exchanger has very high performance with longevous.

A Class Water Pump (Optional )

DEAKON adopted the A class efficiency water pump inserted of the old inefficient models, which has already been eliminated by EU new energy efficiency standard.

Inverter Controller

DEAKON DC inverter controller is consisted of IPM, PFC Power Function modules and operating panel, utilize 180 degrees PAM sinusoidal wave control, which regulates very precise speeds while the inverter compressor is running.

Multiple Functions

Deakonet ground source heat pump working principle



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