R410a EVI Commercial Air+Solar to Water Heat Pump-C2 Pro Series


Hybrid Solar +EVI System – Extended Down to – 30℃

Deakon C2 Pro commercial series heat pump combined solar panel heat exchanger with EVI system, the solar panel is used as the first evaporator, which absorbs heat directly from the sunlight, air and rain, and add the heat energy to the second evaporator, That means that the two energy sources are combined into one and compressed by the compressor to generate high-temperature energy, This is very efficient even the ambient very cold.

Less Defrosting More Efficient

In heating mode, when the ambient temperature below 0 ℃, generally, the air source heat pump runs at defrosting mode for about 8-10 minutes every hour. In defrosting mode, the heat pump does not generate any heat for indoors. On the contrary, it generates heat for the outdoor evaporator to help remove the ice from the surface of the heat exchanger. In order to avoid ice blocking air channels of the heat exchanger.
Deakon C2 Pro solar +EVI air to water heat pump has solved the issue of frequently defrosting of normal heat pump. The evaporator is secondary heated by the solar panel. It reduces freezing frequency in the condition of below 0 degrees. Therefore, it increases the heating capacity and reduces the energy waste.

Easy installation

Innovations such as commissioning information designed around a specific type of installation and an extremely lightweight solar panel mean that installation and commissioning is the easiest ever seen from Deakon C2 Pro series heat pump. The solar panel can be placed anywhere as roof, wall, ground or above the heat pump, just towards the sun.

Intelligent control

Smart app control brings a lot of convenience to users. You can control the C2 pro through a wifi router connection to an app on your smartphone.

Benefits for Any Application

DEAKON CI Pro model for residential and commercial applications is a 3-in-1 system offering heating, domestic hot water and cooling all-in-one, which is highly energy efficient thanks to DEAKON’s advanced Solar +EVI heat pump technology. Further more, DEAKON C1 Pro mode is a modular system.


DEAKON CI Pro model offers reliable solutions for hotel applications. The system generates efficiently hot water in both heating and cooling modes. Thanks to the advanced cascade technology the rooms are cooled in the most efficient way.


Highly efficient production of large hot water volume also makes the system a perfect solution for restaurants. With its very low environmental impact the system represents a perfect green energy solution.

Spa and leisure

All types of hot water applications DEAKON C2 Pro model easily provides heating and cooling to a large number of rooms of varying sizes, while at the same time large volumes of hot water are also needed. Advanced control and monitoring ensure highly efficient.



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