R410a EVI Commercial Air to Water Heat Pump- C2 Series


High Efficiency

Utilize EVI technology, Deakonet C2 series heat pump has the high COP. The COP up to 3.8.

According to European standard EN14511-2 (A7/W35 ℃), which means input 1KW electricity, which can produce 3.8KW capacity, it’s also, much higher than other kinds of heating equipment as gas stoves etc.

Automatic defrosting

According to operating conditions, environmental temperature, frost thickness and other factors, intelligent judgment on whether to enter the defrost mode, huge heat capacity, energy savings and effectiveness


Low temperature operation

Compared with ordinary above-ground water heat pumps, C2 can retain more stable and efficient performance at ambient temperatures of -25C-43 ℃, providing users with a broader range of applications.

Intelligent control

Smart app control brings a lot of convenience to users. You can control the C2 through a wifi router connection to an app on your smartphone.

Core Components

Copeland EVI Compressor

Deakonet C2 model utilizes the Copeland EVI scroll compressor. Copeland Compressor is a well-known brand of compressors originating from the United States. In comparison to other brands, Copeland Compressor stands out due to its exceptional performance and increased efficiency.


High Efficiency Heat Exchanger

The Hydrophilic finned copper tube heat exchanger has very high heat exchange efficiency and defrosting performance.

Silent Designing

Patented large diameter sawtooth axial blade, smoother operation, less vibration, well reduced air turbulence noise.

Benefits for Any Application

DEAKONET C2 model for residential and commercial applications is a 3-in-1 system offering heating,domestic hot water and cooling all-in-one.Further more, DEAKONET C2 mode is a modular system. Depending from your project one or more outdoor units can be combined together and controlled by one control system.




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